Articles published in IJEER

Analysis of different delay lines in terms of propagation delay, area and power dissipation

In this paper, an analysis of different delay lines based on CMOS architecture has been done. Comparison has been made on these delay lines in terms of propagation delay, power dissipation, area, and power delay product. After the analysis of those performance parameters, the tradeoff has been made for better performance of delay lines.

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Alteration of Single Band Antenna into Triple Band Using Metamaterial

This research article contains process of RMPA modification into triple band feeler using negative media or metamaterial. The metamaterial structure contains amalgamation of rectangular and circular shapes to form a design which improvise the patch results to a great extent. The centre of interest in this letter is to use a microstrip patch antenna to operate at three different frequencies instead at operating frequency alone. This triple band feeler can operate at three distinguished frequencies 1.941, 2.586 & 2.784 GHz. whereas the operating frequency was 2GHz. The return loss for all the band frequencies is -29.1, -27.3 and -22.4 dB respectively and corresponding bandwidths are 23.7, 35.2 and 27MHz compared with return loss -10.11dB and bandwidth 9.4MHZ achieved by RMPA alone. All the designing and simulation work was done in the CST-MWS and the proving that the negative media is metamaterial was accomplished by MS excel software.

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