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Pattern Recognition of Individual and Combined Fingers Movements Based Prosthesis Control Using Surface EMG Signals

This paper investigates accurate and correct discrimination between individual and combined fingers movements using surface myoelectric signals, in order to control the different finger postures of a prosthetic hand. We have SEMG datasets with eight electrodes located on the human forearm and fifteen classes. Various feature sets are extracted and projected in a manner to ensure that maximum separation exists between the finger movements and then fed to the four different classifiers. Practical results along with the statistical significance tests proved the feasibility of the proposed approach with mean classification accuracy greater than 95% in finger movement classification.

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Design of Monitoring and Fault Diagnosis System in Wind Turbine Based on CAN Bus

In this paper, design of a monitoring and fault diagnosis system in Wind Turbine based on CAN Bus have been described. The source of electrical energy is fossil fuels and also natural resources. The electrical energy can be produced by using fossil fuels but it is costlier than the natural resources. The natural resources like wind, thermal, Solar and tidal energy are utilized for the production of electrical energy. In present days the mostly wind energy is used as a natural resources which can reduce the emission of carbon dioxide. But the wind turbine costs extremely higher and it is used in under different environment. Thus, it become necessary for wind turbine to be monitored frequently and it should be automated. This paper describes in detail the monitoring and fault diagnosis system using CAN interface for wind turbines. The parameters used for monitoring and CAN bus interface are described in detail.

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Design and Implementation of Embedded in-Vehicle System with Multitask Management Using RTOS

several survey reports on vehicle accident say that, mostly accidents are happening due to Drunk and driving, driver’s drowsiness and, over speed. Unnecessary sudden parking of vehicles on highways at night time is another factor .If these mistakes are corrected accidents can be reduced to some extent. If accidents occurred, immediate first aid and treatment is necessary to save life. But if there is no neighbor the case may be severe. Keeping all these in mind a new system is proposed which can perform the necessary steps to prevent accident and incase if accident happened system will inform the owner and ambulance about this accident by tracking location using GPS and send text message using GSM. The designed system involves in two sections1. Monitoring 2.control. These two are two sequence of actions. In monitoring phase it detects alcohol consumption, steering wheel grip, engine Temperature measurement, accident detection and distance between front and corresponding vehicle .In controlling phase system responds automatically for the above abnormalities and controls the engine. system software is designed using “ RT kernel” and “Keil Micro vision 5” to be worked on the target board of LPC2148. This system makes vehicles as highly secured.

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