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Effect of Parallel Capacitor in Matching Network of RF Energy Harvesting Circuit

This paper is an outcome of a wide research on RF energy harvesting techniques presented so far along with the development and implementation of the new idea of using a matching network with and without including parallel capacitance. While working with variable signal power in RF energy harvesting there is always a problem with nonlinear behavior of rectifying diode in harvesting circuit, to overcome the same a variety of matching networks are proposed in this manuscript with the variable RF power along with the variable load. Simulation results shows that output has been achieved upto 1.8Volts with maximum power conversion efficiency up to 79% at -10 dBm input power. Experimental results represented DC output of 1.62 volts at a frequency of 900 MHz with -10 dBm input power. Optimization technique is used to select parameters value which maximizes output voltage and efficiency. Variation of load resistance and input power plays a major role in output voltage and conversion efficiency. Comparison of the same is also presented in this particular research paper.

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