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Overview of the Conversion of Traditional Power Grid to Internet Energy

In the information society, no human activity stands still, including the electric power industry. As a result, there has been a shift from a traditional grid architecture to a new information and communication technology architecture. The object of the study of this article is a smart power supply system. The purpose of the study is to consider problems for implementing the concepts of "Smart Grid" and "Internet of energy." To do this, a brief overview was made of the traditional electricity supply system, as well as promising renewable energy sources and its promising directions. In order for several RSE to exist in the same power grid without any problems, it is necessary to use energy routers that are able to connect several power grids operating on different sources. The received system monitor by the power grid management systems (SCADA, distributed control system). There are also discussed the SCADA tasks and features. The above all leads to the implementation of two innovative concepts in the field of energy: Smart Grid and Internet energy.

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