Special Issue Quantum AI

Applications of Artificial Intelligence and Internet of Things in Process Control

Ranging from Boost in Productivity and Operational Efficiency to Cost Optimization in Process Control, the Applications of Artificial Intelligence and Internet of Things is multifold. With the Advantage of AI-IOT, it trains existing Advanced Process Control Models, Simulations, or historical process sensor data and is taught to apply Sensor feedback from quality checks at the end of the process, allowing the logic of the control algorithm to get smarter. Apart from Smart and Intelligent Feedback Control, AI-IOT- Process Controls have extremely high computational speeds and support feed forward and predictive control. Developed Artificial-intelligence methods based on Internet of Things have no compromise towards Quality, Yields, Uptime, Sustainability, Safety and Platform to Innovate New Business Models which Perform Real-Time Critical Solutions in Process Control.

Aims and Scope

Applications of Artificial Intelligence and Internet of Things in Process Control provides Future Projections of Artificial Intelligence techniques in Knowledge Representation, Expert Logic, Fuzzy Logic, Neural Network, Object Oriented-based Approaches in AI-IOT, Application to Control Engineering, Intelligent Control, Supervisory Control, Monitoring and Optimization. This special issue will open doors for AI Experts to use Advanced Process Control as an Effective means in Real-world Problems in vital statistics of the capacity, production, value, cost/profit, supply/demand and import/export. This Special Issue will be a Key Reference for Students, Practitioners, Professionals, Scientists and Engineer – Researchers to improve industry competitiveness and to combat the challenges of implementation of Artificial Intelligence and Internet of Things in Process Control.

Topics of Interest

  • AI-IOT Based Industrial Control Systems
  • AI-IOT Based Networked Control Systems
  • AI-IOT for Mining Industry and Process Control
  • AI-IOT in Process Instrumentation and Automation
  • Artificial Intelligence Based Internet of Things in Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition
  • Artificial Intelligence-Internet of Things based Data Management for Smart Manufacturing
  • Design of AI-IoT infrastructures for Smart Mobility and Cycling
  • Energy Efficiency and Sustainability in Green-IoT
  • Energy Management in AI-IOT Smart Grid Technologies
  • Ethernet-Advanced Process Control in Industrial IOT
  • Industrial Artificial Intelligence-Internet Of Things Based Smart Process Control
  • Industrial IOT and Consumer IOT for Process Control
  • Industry 4.0 and Fourth Industrial Revolution based on Artificial Intelligence and Internet of Things
  • Integration of Artificial Intelligence, IIOT
  • Optimizing Business Processes in Industry 4.0 using AI Based IOT
  • PLCs in AI based Industrial IOT
  • Real-Time Data Capturing by AI-IOT Sensor Technologies

Important Dates

Submission and publication details Timelines
Submission Deadline:
Notification of Acceptance: October 30, 2022
Final Version Due: November 30, 2022
Special Issue Publishing Date: December 30, 2022
DOI, Indexing and Others After 1 month of publication, will be automatically updated

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Power System Optimization

Guest Editor#2

Dr. T Ananth Kumar
Assistant Professor, IFET College of Engineering
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Specialization: VLSI design, Network on Chip, Artificial Intelligence
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