Special Issue MCDINRES

Modeling and Control Theory Applied in Renewable Energy Systems (MCDINRES)

Aims and Scope

The multiple advantages of using renewable energy, such as its cleanliness, absence of pollution, and infinite supply, have prompted numerous governments throughout the world to prioritize it in associated policies and plans. Power electronics technologies such as DC-DC converters and DC-AC inverters are frequently employed as interfaces for renewable energy source integration.

Accordingly, there is a strong and increasing interest in the effective and dependable integration of renewable distributed energy resources. The recent advancements in power electronics technologies, requires the use of appropriate control systems that provide system stability and a wide range of system performances. Control theory is clearly a vital enabling technology for the development of renewable energy systems. Our proposal Special Issue aims to collate original research on innovative control techniques and applications for renewable energy systems, such as smart grids, microgrids, wind turbines, grid-connected inverters, electric vehicles, and related applications. In order to do so, the proposed special issue focuses in particular on control theory and application in renewable energy systems. Papers submitted to this Special Issue will be subject to a rigorous peer-review procedure, with the aim of rapid and wide dissemination of research contributions.

Topics of Interest

  • Advanced control techniques
  • Wind and photovoltaic energy generation systems
  • Other renewable energy systems
  • Modeling and control Theory
  • Control Applications
  • Intelligent and Information Systems
  • Fault diagnosis and fault-tolerant control

Important Dates

Submission and publication details Timelines
Submission Deadline:
Notification of Acceptance: September 01, 2023
Final Version Due: October 01, 2023
Special Issue Publishing Date: October 30, 2023
DOI, Indexing and Others After 1 month of publication, will be automatically updated

Article Processing Charges

All papers submitted to Special Issues are subject to an Article Processing Charge (APC) if the manuscript is accepted for publication after peer review.

APC only apply to articles accepted for publication and there are no submission charges. APC for this particular special issue is $299. These charges are calculated for a standard length article with 6 pages in MS-Word as per journal's template format, including tables and figures. Additional page charges 50 USD will be applicable for the articles beyond this limit.

Chief Guest Editor

PLABGET Laboratory Larbi Tebessi University, Tebessa, Algeria
Orcid-ID: 0000-0003-3018-0009
Google Scholar Profile
Email: djamel.ounnas@univ-tebessa.dz
Specialization: Fuzzy Control, Machin drives, Power system

Guest Editor#1

GUIZA Dhaouadi
Department of electrical engineering, LABGET Laboratory Larbi Tebessi University, Tebessa, Algeria
Google Scholar Profile
Email: dhaouadi.guiza@univ-tebessa.dz
Specialization: Renwable energy, Machines and drives
Fuzzy logic, Embedded system

Guest Editor#2

Department of electrical engineering, Larbi Tebessi University, Tebessa, Algeria
Google Scholar Profile
Email: amel.bouchemha@univ-tebessa.dz
Specialization: Signal and image processing, Pattern Recognition,
Modeling and identification systems

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