Published in FOREX-IJEER

Cyclostationary Detection Using DVB-T Signal in a Cognitive Radio System


- Due to fixed available spectrum and increase in wireless applications it is necessary to use a technology which can detect the unused spectrum so that spectrum efficiency can be improved. The device which is used known as cognitive radio (CR). Cognitive radio is an intelligent device which can easily sense the available channel in an available spectrum, for spectrum sensing it basically uses three techniques Energy Detection, Matched Filter Detection and Cyclostationary Detection. In this paper spectrum detection is done by using Cyclostationary detection which provide better results at low SNR in comparison to other techniques, DVB-T signal is used for finding Cyclostationary spectrum and detection of primary signal at different SNR values.

Keywords: Cognitive Radio, Spectrum Sensing, Cyclostationary Feature Detection, Spectrum correlation function (SCF), Digital Video Broadcasting-Terrestrial (DVB-T).

Author(s):Ruchir Kumar Chauhan