Articles published in IJEER

RF Energy Harvesting System for Wireless Sensor Devices: A Review

In present era several companies and research groups are developing enhanced technologies which help to increase the operating lifetime of battery used in wireless sensor devices. Energy harvesting from ambient radio frequency becomes an attractive and trendy solution for energizing the devices of wireless sensor networks. Abundant availability of RF power from number of cell phone towers, Wi-Fi networks and DTH transmitters ensure that ample amount of power may be harvested from ISM band and after RF to DC conversion used in various low power applications. In this paper a thorough review on existing techniques of various RF power harvesting circuit comprised of different RF to DC converter and matching network with their characteristics and applications is presented. The possibility of harvesting circuit is also explored. Authors also discussed various design issues for developing the RF energy harvester.

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Designing of Multiband Antenna with Modified Bandwidth using Meta-material

In this research article designing of a multiband antenna and simulation result of the same is presented. Initially a rectangular microstrip antenna was designed and then bandwidth and other parameters along with its operating bands were modified using the modification technique which is widely known as metamaterial. Designed antenna was radiating at 2.32GHz frequency with -10dB return loss and bandwidth was very nominal i.e. 17MHz only. Later after keen literature review it was found that various techniques are available to modify such low-quality antennas. Metamaterial technique was found more superior along with the other available techniques. After implementing metamaterial parameters drastically modified, single band antenna converted into 4 bands with bandwidth of each band was greater than previous one.

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