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Application of HFPSO-TOPSIS approach for optimally locating and sizing of reactive power compensating devices for voltage control ancillary service

Author(s) : Kalyani Kurundkar1 , Dr. G. A. Vaidya2

Publisher : FOREX Publication

Published : 17 December 2021

e-ISSN : 2347-470X

Page(s) : 16-26

Kalyani Kurundkar , PVG’s COET and GKP(W)IOM, India; Email:

Dr. G. A. Vaidya, PVG’s COET and GKP(W)IOM, India



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Prof. Kalyani Kurundkar and Dr. G. A. Vaidya (2021), Application of HFPSO-TOPSIS approach for optimally locating and sizing of reactive power compensating devices for voltage control ancillary service. IJEER 9(3), 16-26. DOI: 10.37391/IJEER.090301.