Special Issue IEEE- SD

Mobile Computing assisted by Artificial Intelligent for 5G/ 6G/ Radio Communication

Aims and Scope

The 5G/ 6G are the demand and scope of the future wireless communication. The fields of mobile computing, and radio communication have grown tremendously over the past few years, and the credit goes to evolving artificial intelligent methodologies, soft computing, machine learning, robotics technology, Internet of Things (IoT), cognitive radio, Industry 4.0, tools and techniques for envisaging the essence of intelligence embedded in real-life observations.

As traditional radio communication models struggle to cope with complexity, bandwidth crises problems, noise, and the existence of a changing environment, while mobile Computing assisted by artificial intelligent not only offer solutions to the above said problems but also helpful for 5G/6G/ Radio communication.

The mobile computing assisted by artificial intelligent technique for 5G/6G/ Radio communication are now not limited to only specific computational, networking, and wireless communication fields, they have made inroads in signal processing, next generation communication, pervasive computing, navigation, smart communication systems, and etc.

The salient features of mobile computing assisted by artificial intelligent for 5G/ 6G/ Radio Communication are the adaption of niche technologies such as computational neuroscience, cognitive radio networks, future mobile technologies, Reliable Cooperative Networks and Open-radio access networks (O-RAN).

This special collection aims to present high-quality research papers that report the latest research advances in this field from mobile computing assisted by artificial intelligent for 5G/ 6G/ Radio Communication.

Topics of Interest

  • Mobile Computing
  • Soft computing
  • Artificial intelligent methodologies
  • Design of Cognitive Radio Networks
  • Internet of Things (IoT)
  • 5G/6G Mobile Communication
  • Reliable Cooperative Networks
  • Parallel and distributed computing
  • Radio Network Design, Optimization and Management
  • Wireless, Cellular and Mobile Communications
  • Real Time Communication Services
  • Cloud based mobile networks
  • O-RAN

Important Dates

Submission and publication details Timelines
Submission Deadline:
Notification of Acceptance: April 30, 2023
Final Version Due: May 30, 2023
Special Issue Publishing Date: June 30, 2023
DOI, Indexing and Others After 1 month of publication, will be automatically updated

Article Processing Charges

All papers submitted to Special Issues are subject to an Article Processing Charge (APC) if the manuscript is accepted for publication after peer review.

APC only apply to articles accepted for publication and there are no submission charges. APC for this perticular special issue is $240. These charges are calculated for a standard length article with 6 pages in MS-Word as per journal's template format, including tables and figures. Additional page charges 50 USD will be applicable for the articles beyond this limit.

Chief Guest Editor

Dr. Ashish Bagwari
Professor, Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering,
Women Institute of Technology, Uttarakhand Technical University, India
Orcid-ID: 0000-0002-6232-2772
Google Scholar Profile
Email: ashishbagwari@forexjournal.co.in
Specialization: Cognitive Radio Networks, Wireless mobile communication, Wireless sensor neworks

Guest Editor#1

Jorge Barbosa
Professor, Applied Computing Graduate Program,
University of Vale do Rio dos Sinos, Unisinos, Brazil
Orcid-ID: 0000-0002-5694-0267
Google Scholar Profile
Email: jorge.barbosa.2008@gmail.com
Specialization: Ubiquitous Computing, Ambient Intelligence, Internet of Things,
Big Data, Data Science

Guest Editor#2

Dr. Kashif Nisar
Senior Lecturer, PhD, SMIEEE
Victorian Institute of Technology (VIT), Adelaide, Australia
Google Scholar Profile
Email: kashif.nisar@vit.edu.au
Specialization: Cybersecurity, IoT Security, Blockchain,
Cutting edge, Network engineering

Guest Editor#3

Ciro Rodriguez
Professor, Department of Informatics Engineering and Electronics
National University Mayor de San Marcos, Lima, Peru
Google Scholar Profile
Email: crodriguezro@unmsm.edu.pe
Specialization: Power Electronics for Power system, Renewable Energy,
Soft Computing Techniques, Hybrid Electric Vehicles

Proposals are accepted on a continuous basis till deadline for submission.

To submit, send your research paper to ashishbagwari@forexjournal.co.in and ashishbagwari@gmail.com