Special Issue on AWT

Advancements in Wireless Technologies using Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Deep Learning

Wireless technologies have become an integral part of our daily lives, enabling seamless connectivity, communication, and information exchange. With the rapid growth of wireless networks and the increasing demand for higher data rates, improved coverage, and enhanced network performance, there is a need for intelligent solutions to optimize and manage wireless systems effectively. Artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), and deep learning (DL) techniques have emerged as powerful tools for addressing the complex challenges faced by wireless technologies.

This special issue aims to explore the advancements in wireless technologies through the integration of AI, ML, and DL methodologies. It provides a platform for researchers, engineers, and industry professionals to share their novel research findings, innovative solutions, and practical applications in the field of intelligent wireless systems. By leveraging intelligent algorithms and techniques, this special issue aims to improve wireless network efficiency, enhance spectrum utilization, enable intelligent resource allocation, and facilitate intelligent decision-making in wireless communication.

Topics of Interest

  • Intelligent spectrum management and cognitive radio networks
  • AI/ML/DL-based optimization and resource allocation in wireless networks
  • Intelligent algorithms for channel estimation, equalization, and signal processing in wireless communica-tions
  • AI-enabled interference mitigation and management techniques
  • ML/DL for wireless signal modulation, demodulation, and detection
  • Intelligent antenna systems and beamforming for improved wireless coverage and capacity
  • Intelligent caching and content delivery techniques in wireless networks
  • AI/ML/DL-based approaches for energy efficiency and power control in wireless systems
  • Intelligent routing and network protocols for wireless ad hoc and sensor networks
  • AI/ML/DL-based security and privacy solutions in wireless communications
  • Intelligent algorithms for indoor localization and positioning in wireless networks
  • ML/DL-based approaches for quality of service (QoS) management in wireless networks
  • Intelligent resource management in 5G and beyond wireless networks
  • AI-enabled Internet of Things (IoT) applications and services in wireless environments
  • Integration of AI/ML/DL with emerging wireless technologies such as millimeter-wave communication, massive MIMO, and network slicing

Important Dates

Submission and publication details Timelines
Submission Deadline:
Notification of Acceptance: November 30, 2023
Final Version Due: December 31, 2023
Special Issue Publishing Date: January 31, 2024
DOI, Indexing and Others After 1 month of publication, will be automatically updated

Article Processing Charges

All papers submitted to Special Issues are subject to an Article Processing Charge (APC) if the manuscript is accepted for publication after peer review.

For more details on article processing charges, please follow the "Article Processing Charges" section of the journal for the Special Issue.

Lead Guest Editor

Dr. Ashish Bagwari
Head, Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering, Women Institute of Technology (State Government Institution), Uttarakhand Technical University (State Government Technical University), India
Google Scholar Profile
Email: ashishbagwari@gmail.com
Specialization: Cognitive Radio Networks, Wireless mobile communication
Wireless sensor neworks

Guest Editor#1

 Dr. Jorge Luis Victória Barbosa
Professor, Applied Computing Graduate Program, University of Vale do Rio dos Sinos, Unisinos, Brazil
Google Scholar Profile
Email: jorge.barbosa.2008@gmail.com
Specialization: IoT, Wireless communication, Mobile Ad hoc networks
Sensor Networks, Communication networks

Guest Editor#2

Dr. Mohammad Kamrul Hasan Senior Lecturer in the Network and Communication Technology research cluster, Center for Cyber Security, Faculty of Information Science and Technology, Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia, Malaysia
Google Scholar Profile
Email: hasankamrul@ieee.org
Specialization:industrial communication and networks, evolutionary computation systems, cyber physical security, environme
smartgrid computing

Guest Editor#3

Dr. Bhawani Shankar Chowdhry
Professor Emeritus, Faculty of Electrical, Electronics and Computer Engineering, Mehran University of Engineering & Technology, Jamshoro, Pakistan
Google Scholar Profile
Email: c.bhawani@ieee.org
Specialization: :microprocessor application, intelligent instrumentaion, signal processing, wsn

Proposals are accepted on a continuous basis till deadline for submission.

To submit, send your research paper to ashishbagwari@gmail.com along with turnitin report of less than 10 % plagiarism.