Articles published in IJEER

Trade-off for Leakage Power Reduction in Deep Sub Micron SRAM Design

Present day electronic industry faces the major problem of standby leakage current, as the processor speed increases, there is requirement of high speed cache memory. SRAM being mainly used for cache memory design, several low power techniques are being used for SRAM cell design. Full CMOS 6T SRAM cell is the most preferred choice for digital circuits. This paper reviews various leakage power techniques used in 6T SRAM cell and their comparative study.

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Effect of changes in supply voltage on power consumption of digital CMOS delay lines

In the beginning of the last decade, battery-powered hand-held devices such as mobile phones and laptop computers emerged. For that application we have to design a device which will consume minimum amount of energy. For that reason in this article we focused on power consumption and how to calculate the power. In this paper, an analysis of different delay lines based on CMOS architecture has been done. The effect of supply voltage on digital delay lines has been analysed as how supply voltage affected the value of power consumption of the digital delay line. After the analysis of those performance parameters, the trade-off has been made for better performance of delay lines.

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